1 point submitted 3 days agoYes and no.Take the Warp in the West. Same thing with the mythopoeia in the world, it a fix to inconsistent lore, yes, but is also an interesting bit of lore itself.NamelessAce 2 points submitted 5 days agoThe problem with SOI wasn so much the story or setting, but timeline placement and certain gameplay aspects. We just had two sets with Eldrazi that were just boring (plus a season of playing against newly broken Eldrazi decks in modern) cheap jerseys, so people were already tired of them and the mystery of what was going on was pretty obvious.

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/u/Judas_Malus, channel catfish do not make good aquarium pets. Apart from their carnivory, they can grow several feet long and over 50 pounds it would take an enormous aquarium (or better a backyard pond) to keep one happy and healthy. If you looking for a closely related fish more suitable to aquaria, consider a madtom catfish.

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Count me in the camp that was not very impressed with the movie. I wasn’t the biggest fan of TFA because of how much it completely lifted from the ANH, but in that movie it felt like a bit of an homage to the OT so I appreciated it for that reason. But this movie took the gripes that I had with TFA and exacerbated it.

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