The recent completion of al Qassim highway

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steroid side effects The region of al Qassim is one of the most important agricultural areas in Saudi Arabia, The region is of an area of 17 side effects of steroids,800 square kilometres with 84,000 hectares of arable lands. The importance of the region as a crop producing area in Central Arabia has been greatly amplified by the discovery of artesian water, in 1953, in quantities estimated to be sufficient to support all the arable lands in the region for many generations to come. The recent completion of al Qassim highway side effects of steroids side effects of steroids, in September, 1967 side effects of steroids, which connected with the great highway of Arabia from Dammam on the Arabian Persian Gulf to Jeddah on the Red Sea has added a significant economic importance, by breaking down the region’s geographical isolation, imposed by the surrounding sand dunes, These favourable physical requirements for promoting agriculture are allied to the ever increasing demand for a more valuable and diversified diet by the expanding urban population as a result of the increasing rise in the standard of living due to the increased national income from oil revenues. steroid side effects

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