“ All whites know exactly why low status white men flock to

White sexpats around the world get triggered after Elon Musk refers to „this British expat“ diver in Thailand as a „Pedo Guy.“ All whites know exactly why low status white men flock to Thailand. The two probably had an argument over this at the time which probably motivated Unsworth comments a few days ago. Poor form by both parties and Musk comments were way out of line.

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anti theft backpack One person has posited that the patient who was freaking out about NASA when OA first met Karim in the visiting area at the clinic is actually Homer. Remember in Homer’s NDE, the guards were asking him if he knew Dr. Roberts, and that his name wasn’t Homer? The staff would recognize that he looked like Dr. anti theft backpack

anti theft backpack for travel This is actually perfect for the Skilled talent, contrary to his claims. Because the cluster is already on CD by the time they actually hit/kill the target, many times (when skilled procs) they will be back instantly ready to use again. Effectively doubling your DPS, if not more.. My bf happened to also discover them when mothership blew up. I got curious online and I was astounded when I started lurking on reddit/fb fan groups and say ppl disregard their old shit because Jonny is a piece of shit (always has beeeeen) and find some of their most okayest songs to be the best shit ever. It’s so weird. anti theft backpack for travel

anti theft backpack You should be able to take the subway system everywhere. It more reliable as well. Just know that most trains go north south and that downtown is south (WTC/Brooklyn) and uptown is north (The Dakota Fields/Yankee Stadium/Bronx). I wish they would go back to the D1 days where skill power added to Cooldown and +DMG. After playing D2 as a „Cluster Mine“ build this feels like a poor mans tactician even though the play style is the same. Even though my build is so optimized that I hit a damage threshold way sooner than a traditional gun build.. anti theft backpack

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